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We are on a mission to save people from fad diets and diet culture!

The fitness industry has failed far too many people. Health and fitness is for everyone and Nourish, Move & Maintain is here to better represent that.
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Monthly Training Plans

You will receive a new exercise plan at the start of every month. This will be sent through your very own Nourish, Move & Maintain app.

Monthly Recipe Books

You will receive a new recipe book with 30 new recipes every month. 

Dietary Advice

You will receive dietary advice on sign up and regular nutrition advice and guidance will be provided to members within the group.

Weekly Live Support

Regular webinars and group Q&As with Michael & Amy to support you on your journey.

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Private Facebook Group

You will receive entry to

a members-only Facebook community alongside all Nourish, Move & Maintain members.

Live Workout Classes

5x workout classes each week. Home workouts with Michael and Amy, and weekly live yoga classes.

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Do you want to get fit and have fun without it being all about dieting and aesthetics?


We created NMM to give people a no-nonsense community approach to their health and fitness, completely free from diet culture.


No matter what your fitness goals, NMM will give you all the support you need with a wide variety of classes you can catch live or on replay. You will receive nutritional guidance and have access to monthly Q&As and discussion topics, all within a private members area that provides a support network for your success.

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- Instant access to all of the above features

- Price locked in forever

- Cancel any time

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Do I need access to a gym?

No. This group caters to all exercise needs. At the start of every month you will receive new workout plans for both the gym and at home - home workouts are available for using bodyweight only, or with the use of resistance bands.

How often will I receive new workouts?

New exercise plans will be sent out via your personal Nourish, Move & Maintain app on the first day of every month.

Will there be any mention of weight or weight loss?

When we reduce our health and fitness habits down to weight loss alone, we can often lose sight of all the other amazing reasons to get fit and move our bodies. We genuinely believe that fitness (and health) doesn’t have a body type, and actually it’s health behaviours that are far more important than physical changes. The health benefits of exercise are available to everyone, regardless of weight. For this reason, we choose to not speak of any weight altering behaviours within the group.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes. This is a subscription service and your subscription can be cancelled at any time.


Frequently Asked Questions

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